Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On Pferd – 4x30ml



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Each pack contains 4 x 30ml bottles of oil. Dermoscent Essential 6 spot-on for horses provides the following features and benefits: Formulated with 100% natural ingredients Restores hydrolipidic film of the horse skin and maintains optimal hydration Favours cutaneous eco-system balance and reinforces skin defences (epidermal barrier function) thus reinforcing natural defenses against bacteria, yeast, fungi and external parasites Purifies skin and help diminish irritations Helps improve hair loss and sustaining hair growth Recommended as a preventative care for horses presenting minor cutaneous disorders Fragrance free and hypoallergenic Initial Treatment: Apply 1 monodose vial per week for 2 consecutive months. Regular and Continuous Treatment: Apply 1 monodose vial every 2 weeks after initial treatment. Continue treatment as long as necessary. Gently apply the content of the vial along the spinal column, from the withers to the rump (croupe). Massaging is not needed. A bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the body of the horse. Please note the product expires on 31.05.2017.

Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On Pferd – 4x30ml
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